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Careers at Hartwood

We are pleased to support the work of the Education Business Partnership and the Basingstoke Consortium in placing students for work experience. Each year we are committed to taking in as many work experience students as we can accommodate.​

Student Opportunities

We offer a rare opportunity to students – the ability to learn the art of hand-crafting oak using traditional jointing techniques.

Some students have gone on to train with us and join our team after they have completed their education. We have won awards for our efforts in this area and make an annual award for the best work experience student of the year, voted for by the workforce.

Man in safety goggles and earmuffs using an electric jigsaw on a piece of wood in a workshop.

Speak to one of the team today

We're based in East Woodhay, just south of Newbury, Berkshire

If you have an idea or project in mind but don't know quite how to move forward, get in touch and we'll do our best to help.

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